Extensive cross-reference data base enabling identification of virtually any competitor lamp either by the lamp marking or the system model. We also have the versatility to custom design lamps to your specific requirements.


A range of standard external trigger transformers for Beauty / IPL systems with outputs up to 20KV with turns ratios of 1:50 to 1:112.

Flow Tubes

We offer both standard flow tubes from stock as well as custom designed flow tubes in Pyrex, Clear Fused Quartz, Cerium Doped Quartz & Europium Doped Quartz.

IPL Components

We offer a range of IPL components, including, coloured filters, light guides, ceramic reflectors, trigger transformers, flow tubes & flow plates.

Welcome to First Light Lamps, Manufacturer of Laser Lamps and IPL Systems

First Light was established in 2003 and has rapidly grown to become a high volume manufacturer, capable of supporting the largest OEM or Distributor with the flexibility and personal approach you would normally expect from a smaller organisation.

First Light already produces over 1000 different lamp types and is able to offer lamps for most industrial and medical laser and IPL systems. We also supply a range of parallel trigger transformers for IPL systems, flow tubes, flowplates and some laser system components.

By contacting the First Light technical team you get personal help from some of the industry's most experienced and well-respected people.

Our success to date is built on a simple principle - excellence!

We strive to achieve excellence in all that we do: customer support, product quality, response time, lead time, performance and pricing.

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