Please find below some downloadable files that you may find useful.

This is an incredibly useful program which everyone should have on their computers. It simply converts between units of measurement – some commonly used, others less common – but all useful. We suggest that you download it onto your desktop to make it always instantly accessible.

DC Arc Lamp Calculator
The first page of this program shows a simple table of DC Arc lamp parameters.
The second page calculates the common operating parameters and gives warnings for maximum power, maximum current and static impedance.

Lamp Power and Ko Calculator:
This program is split into two sections: In the Lamp Power section, by entering the lamp bore, arc length, quartz type and wall thickness, the program calculates the maximum recommended operating power for the lamp when water cooled, forced air cooled or convection air cooled.

In the Ko Calculator section, by entering the lamp bore, arc length, gas type and pressure, the program calculates the Ko of the lamp.
Custom Lamp datasheet:
Download this form, complete it with the details for your new lamp and then fax it back to First Light. We will then complete the lamp design and quote you by return.

First Light Lamps Terms and Conditions of Sale
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