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First Light Ltd to Expand Again

19/07/2019 - Products


Updated 3rd December 2019 - Post from 19th July 2019


As we move into December and the end of another excellent year for First Light Lamps Ltd. We thought it would be time to revisit this post from earlier in the year!

The planning is now complete, and actions have now started to take place for the major overhaul of the lamp assembly, pump, test, finishing, and our stores areas.

Over the next few weeks we will endeavour to share our progress with you to the work that is being carried out.

First Light Lamps Ltd will once again increase its production capacity from the factory closing on Friday 20th December 2019, to when it reopens on Thursday the 2nd January 2020.

While not the longest serving person in the Flashlamp industry I have been around a few years now and have at numerous exhibitions and events around the world have heard multiple times about how diode and fibre laser will completely replace the need for lamps in the next few years! While we all accept the change, there are still positives to be taken;

While we no longer see lamp pumped systems for marking systems, and the industrial pulsed laser is in decline, though lamps still play a major role in industrial laser for certain applications (high peak energy applications). There is still a need for lamps for legacy systems! the growth for lamps is and will very firmly be in the Medical and Aesthetic markets.

Again, there is an argument that diodes within the Medical and Aesthetic markets as the latest trend. Again, this sounds like the doom and gloom stories of the laser industrial market suggesting that all lamps will be gone within 5 years! The feeling I have from the market is just that, diode is a trend, however lamps are here to stay due to their versatility of treatment, lower costs when comparing system and the ROI.

As First Light Lamps is set to expand once again this very much shows that we as a company are fully committed to the investment of producing high quality products for use in the photonics industry.

First Light Lamps will increase its production area by an additional 180sq meters. This will mean that we will increase our lamp assembly area by over 50%, with an increase of around 200% for our lamp pump department. The lamp assembly area will also have a brand-new filtered temperature-controlled air system which will allow for a positive pressure clean room environment, which will provide the highest possible standard for the assembly of flash lamps.

As First Light recently announced the winning of its single largest scheduled order from a customer, and the expansion of it is production First Light Lamps truly believe the need for flash lamps is here to stay for a good few years yet.