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On the road again

03/10/2019 - Exhibitions

As we start the process of heading into Autumn here in the UK, the activity for the Beauty & Aesthetic Industry once again starts to ramp up. With this in mind First Light Lamps are pleased to annouce we are once again going to be very active in travelling the world to the various shows, not only to walk and meet old friends, but to exhibit and promote the high-quality lamps we produce here in the UK for the Photonics Industry. To kick off the new season First Light Lamps will be walking for the first time Asia Derma in Singapore. First Light Lamps have had huge success with this show held each year in Dubai, and with the show in Singapore growing in size each year now seems the ideal tme for us to attend, and add it to our calendar of events to be a part of;

From Singapore we will be heading to Cosmoprof Hong Kong, which has to be seen as one of the premier events for the global market for all things Cosmetic & Aesthetic. Not to be at this event should be seen as not truly understanding the importance of this show and the companies that attend. First Light Lamps will be there throughout the entirety of the event, so again we are more that happy to be apart of this event and to meet and discuss any requirements you have for world class pulse lamps to be used in your medical, aesthetic and beauty applications;

If you would like to arrange a meeting at either of these events to discuss your requirements please contact Ian Green via [email protected]